move, change

processes of subtraction and reduction have been underway for some time, reaching highest point this past wknd, moving out of one house and into another. to be sure it engenders chaos and exhaution in varying degrees. the process forces contemplation of items, some long un-contemplated, and their worth, obvious or implicit. And it birthes a question: is the remainder what defines you or is the process itself what defines you?


CarrieP said...

or perhaps: can anyone ever actually be defined or are we all perpetually in flux?

lady said...

no man no.
the process defines you.
the remainder is just what you're willing to carry around.
the process says who you are.
the process is what makes it all interesting.

this has been my two cents.
good day

Elizabeth Munroz said...

My question is: Does our "stuff" define us? Sure is great to unload all those things, though, doesn't it?

x la hex said...

the question points to mind. mind makes process. mind makes remainder. mind defines. grapples.

what is it? this mind?
word on the street is: there is something before it.


candles shine brightly in the dark.