beautiful and fleeting

forgot to add this moment: sitting on the curb Sunday night, crying over Henry's dead body, a black and white neighborhood cat materialized, approached us, mewing. Then moments later another neighborhood cat appeared, orange and puffy, coming from a different direction, both regarding Henry's body with an admixture of concern, curiousity and a seeming understanding that Henry was no more, and that we were witnessing his spirit's passage. It was a penetratingly beautiful bit of light in an otherwise dark evening.

i love you hank


lady said...

it was really beautiful.

Elizabeth Munroz said...

When Keli died, Jefferey sat with her at her head for an hour. Then, when a neighbor came over to return a bowl, there was little Cinnamon sitting at the door trying to come inside. I hadn't seen her in 5 months, Keli and her used to hang out outside. Your neighbor cats knew and came to say goodbye, too, in my opinion.