two pictures

each worth one thousand words.
first: from gustave courbet: the sea

and then, edited to reflect/isolate the important data, my MRI report from Saturday,
key word:    unchanged


lady said...

Glorious glorious day. xo

Stephilius said...

Oh, is this why Margaret was trumpeting the day? Most excellent. And decidedly trumpet-worthy.

Elizabeth Munroz said...

So happy!

Gigi Little said...

very. very. good.

Anonymous said...


I just clicked on your icon. Since it wasn't a gravatar, I didn't know you had a blog. I'm sorry. Seeing your beautiful brain and the sweet words "unchanged" pulls me toward you like gravity. We share the same land. We know the clanging in the tunnel. It has, and is, changing us both...as well as those we love...I am late in this message to you. I won't be again.

If more men would cry, like you did in seeing the movie that touched you, the world would change overnight. Blessings, dear.



mogomom said...

thank you xoxo