changes, podcast, et cetera

after a decade or so, spanning across two states and multiple residences, the death of two beloved animals, the acquisition of another, the hours of my daily life have changed. since 2001 i've worked 10am-7pm (note: and by worked i mean went to my day job. the distinction is important as relates to my sense of sanity and self-worth). As of a  few weeks ago i am now in 8a-5pm land. I feel like i've graduated into some parallel plane where most of the interactions and machinations of the world at large have been occuring this whole time, like i've risen from my dank subterranean box to join the shining, shimmering carnival of normal daily commutes, normal meal-times, normal appointment times etc.

other changes have been brewing alongside this one but i can't discuss them in this forum yet. soon. probably. oh and still waiting for news on the memoir front. something is brewing there too.

in the meantime you can kill 13 minutes by checking out the latest installment of aural-discontentment, episode 5 of the last film i saw podcast. click


iozl said...

Re: Uncle Boonme - I've seen Mysterious Objects @ Noon, Tropical Maladay, & Syndromes and a Century, and I've given them all 3 out of 5 stars. Each impresses me greatly, but they're just so hard to relate to and understand (and sometimes stay awake during them) that I can't honestly give them a 4 or a 5, which they very well might deserve. Is Uncle Boonme 'watcheable'?

Oh, thank you for watching 'The Eagle' so I didn't have to. Have you watched the new Spartacus series - it's dumb but it's a complete guilty pleasure and I was hoping the Eagle to be similar but sounds like it's not - darn.

bp said...

I suspect you'll have a similar reaction to Uncle Boonme that you had with his other films. It is similar in pitch and milieu to Tropical Malady. Long shots set against mundane moments, which i happen to love. Yes, it's watchable but not for everyone. There were walkouts during our screening and ample "what the hell was that" murmuring in the lobby afterwards.