the union of movie and baby

so i just wrapped production on a short film last tuesday (you can track its current and future progress here should you have that inclination.) last wknd we shot in the basement of my current residence, a rental in SE portland. We dressed the basement to resemble a secretary's office and planned the shot - a simple dolly in as the secretary answers a phone call. since the dolly was an onset decision we didn't have track but we did have a wheelchair we had grabbed from the previous day's location, a garage in outer SE. the floor had a slight bump right where the move was going to take place. we ended up ditching the wheelchair and flipping a bookshelf on its front and laying two inserts from a table on top and then grabbing a nearby wheeled item (a brand-new as yet unused baby stroller) and mounting the camera on top, thereby accomplishing several things simultaneously a) getting the shot b)providing on-the-nose metaphor for the act of making movie itself c) breaking in stroller d) giving future occupant of stroller either a complex or bragging rights, depending on his disposition.


iozl said...

Oh man.... that shot - SO familiar. Many years of standing in the same place and playing really bad music. The neighbors are VERY glad that no longer happens.

bp said...

the neighbors ask about you Mike. they want you to tend to the bamboo

Gigi Little said...

i love this!