super depressing tuesday

the texas/ohio bloodbath thing feels like a gajillion months ago, not just 3 days back. i found it all horribly depressing and was in a state tues night (aided in part by the officiating at the blazers/suns game earlier that evening. sweet jesus, what was that?). the house always wins, the game is rigged, insert paranoid statement here, but i was beside myself.

i'm not a clinton supporter for a variety of reasons but the dirty tricks thing is a stomach turner, the last-minute red-phone, skin-darkening, lapel-pin, nafta thing.
particularly that last one, as it's turning out to, in fact, be the exact opposite of the way it was presented:

also, after all the nattering and clenched fists about winning texas and regaining stride, comes this. don't know what it means yet. but it's interesting.

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Bone-a-fide said...

Woah. I hadn't heard of some of those tricks. She wasn't my first choice before, but now she's pissing me off with her dirty, desperate ways.