sweet lips

posting this as a corrective to last night's episode of law & order which featured a carved-up, misshapen, swollen, plastic, alien version of lara flynn boyle. it was frankly difficult to watch, not merely b/c you couldn't tell what emotion she was attempting to convey, but also b/c we have been busy watching twin peaks lately and the image of her unsullied, uncarved face was fresh in our minds. i'm all for some plastic surgeries, like pec implants or jaw implants (note: joke) but otherwise i'm pretty nauseated and horrified. And you did that willingly? couldn't you spend that money on other forms of self-improvement? Some night-classes maybe?

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adam t said...

Two things unrelated to plastic surgery (excepting of course that I've riddled my body with botox and silicon);

Was BOB playing the drums in that song?

I'm cashing in my 401k and investing in black t-shirts. Obviously.