may day

dude, been awhile. my bloggery, once storied and voluminous has transmogrified to an ashamed trickle. all of april seemed to gather and evaporate in an eye-blink. but then, things were happening. preordained gathering of random happenstances in no particular order:

friends in town which was good but not the reason for them being there, a makeshift japanese maple pruning, a birthday party ducked; another attended, a battery of tomes on film budgeting and scheduling, the close of the trailblazer season which ended 50% but which felt like 90%, 4 months, 3 wks, 2 days and good, bad & ugly and on the waterfront and paranoid park – all in one month, routine rounding of the corners, the grant-writing class and the tree-planting, the persistent urge from the inward voices get me out of this day job already, that word transmutation again and all it engenders and who it refers to (and who it does not), 31knots show, and rejoining the running world, 5 wks deep already, en route to the portland marathon in october. There feels like motion in multiple arenas creatively. plus I mowed the lawn. twice.

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