in a tizzy, flurry of activity, swirl of plans involving interstate travel and have i really lost my hat again? these are the issues on the plate before me. i attempt to summon the things i've learned, to ignore the ripples on the water and follow the stone as it sinks in the pond-water but this is proving difficult. on my morning run i come across a stray dog and it follows me for 1/2 a block. fear sensors go up, my glasses are off b/c of the mist-induced film, i've been bit before. after leaving the dog i suddenly feel i've made a grave error. there's the voice in my head "that dog will be fine" and the recognition that much of the problems in the world are caused by people letting themselves believe some version of this. but i don't have a leash and i'm a long run from home. a white mist girds the treetops of mt tabor park. back home i gather some kibble, get in the car and retrace my steps. this dog is lost to me. at least for now

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