my sister

my amazing, lovely, courageous sister continues to inspire me. here's a video i shot for her this wknd to help her as she tries to get on 'the biggest loser'. send her your good thoughts and support. i love you sis.


Alygirlrockz16 said...

I wish you the absolute best of luck! I love watching the biggest loser and if you get on the show I will certainly root for you. But i want you to know that I shall root for you regardless if you make it on there or not. YOu can do it my friend! I believe in you!
My whole family has struggled with weight and now my Mom and Dad, who were morbidly obese are now running half-marathons. That is awesome of them and you can achieve it too. Become healthy for you. You are best "you" in this beautiful world. I don't pray too often, but I'll pray for you to have courage within yourself.
Good luck!


Michelle said...

that was really moving. As a plus size lady myself i was touched. good luck to your sister.

Gigi Little said...

This is wonderful, Brian. And a great thing to have done whether she gets on the show or not. Anyway she's certainly charming enough for the judges to give a good look, I'd think...

robwrites said...

Cool video. Cool sister!

mogomom said...

ohhh! Best of luck, Carrie!!
I'll be rooting for you - you can do it! although i've never met you i can tell you're just as amazing as your brother. xoxo
excellent video too :)